Cyber Security Awareness

We are driven by necessity. Literacy, road safety, and Health & Safety all empower us. It's happening again today - with Cyber Security Awareness

Moving from cybercrime to cyber security - a remarkable revolution is happening through end-user education


Where Is The Problem?

If cybercrime were a country, it would rank the third largest GDP - After the USA & China. In the UK, it is rampant and escalating. This is our stark reality.

A Cyber Security Plan for All

Ransomware, Phishing, Spoofing, Email scams & more, make up most attacks. All are diminished when end-user cyber awareness is high.

A New Cyber Confidence

95% of data breaches have a 'human' element. Controlling that leads us to greater business security and growth. It makes sense!

Introducing Cyber Security For All (CSFA)

You deliver the people, and we'll deliver the end-user training programmes & high-value resources you need to implement them

100% Free to Get Started - Today

Engaging Training for All Levels

All Cyber Training is Non-Technical

Scalable from One to 1000 people

All Courses are Job-Role Specific

Cyber Security First culture will grow

Self-Managed or Done-for-You

Live updates on all Resources

Everything Essential is Free & Available 24/7!

You now have a choice & no excuses - your business can face spiralling risks across time with an untrained,  underprepared workforce - or  have your greatest resource ready & eager to be your best defence against cybercrime

UK South: Recent small business news

A.C., West Sussex

Project Manager

Sports Sector

Client Data Theft 

The old client database was run while our IT systems were upgraded, but it was left running and ignored. The database contains thousands of older client records but has been hacked. As of now, I don't yet know the full extent of the damage.

K. Smith, Hampshire

Managing Director 

Homes & Gardens Sector

Supplier Spoofing Fraud

A week after I accessed my emails on holiday using an unsecured airport Wi-Fi network, I got an email (faked) from my supplier asking that I transfer a payment to a different account. I agreed. Only later did I realise the error. The £60k was gone.

A. Shaw, London


Comms & Investments

Personal Credential Theft

An offer was sent to me via text message from my trading platform. I clicked the link and logged in, but the message and login page were fake. The scammers then drained the account of all funds within two hours.

Why is cybersecurity awareness needed so badly

when we have technological defences?

Here's Why...


Attacks are still on the rise locally & globally

By the time you have read this sentence another ransomware attack will have been activated - and that's just one of many escalating attack methods. 

security stats on a laptop


95% of data breaches down to human error

Cybercriminals rely on duping end-users, forcing them to make errors and so are able to bypass technological defences. They are succeeding.

human error in cybercrime


Anyone can be a victim from Admin to CEO's

Unless you know that an event is a cyberattack, neither you nor anyone in your organization will be aware of it, making it more likely you become victims.

victims of cyber crime can be anyone


Compliance focus on employee training

Security awareness training is crucial for a successful compliance program. Overlooking it could cost you a lot.

Cyber security training for compliance


Technological solutions alone are not enough

People are seen as a relatively easy access point to protected networks, so attackers rarely bother to attack businesses through technological means only.

The Human element is required

How does Cyber Security For All (CSFA) solve this?

Individually, we need to be responsive to the threats cybercrime poses by undergoing cyber security awareness training, as recommended by the UK's NCSC. While we cannot stop the criminals, we can mitigate and reduce their impact upon us with our own smart measures

Online Training

A wide selection of module based, certificated courses. Designed specifically for each role, available 24/7 and includes management reports

Webinars, Q&A's, and Chat

Scheduled live sessions, talks, and chats with professionals who employ cyber security best practices in their work environments. Who better to learn from?

Downloadable Resources

All companies must have policies that govern cybersecurity. We provide all the policy templates you will ever need for effective security and data control

Security First culture

Long-term cyber alertness across your organisation requires training, resources, and on-site leadership. We work with your people to develop that

CSFA provides an amazing suite of cutting-edge tools & resources 

downloads tables
cybersecurity awareness courses and lessons

Cyber Security For All is a fundamental right

In the same way we have a right to privacy, we must also assert our claim to cybersecurity.

We provide substantial free training resources to get you and your staff started for free. If your organisation does not have cyber security alertness flowing through it, you are more likely to be forced to make mistakes by cyber criminals. Avoid lost data, stolen assets, and a damaged reputation. Today, there are no excuses. Act Now

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