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Mindfulness – or lack of it – is at the route of the highest risk area in your organisation. 90% of all data breaches occur through a human element and most of those can be attributed to a lack of mindfulness.

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About the text alert service:

Receiving occasional SMS text reminders or alerts on a personal or work mobile, during working hours, leaves you better prepared to deal with the increasing number of cyber threats and attacks.

Key features:

  • Short & engaging reminder messages
  • Messages only ever sent during office hours
  • You will receive 1 awareness reminder per week
  • We may send additional alerts on occasion about specific threats
  • Proven to promote cyber security mindfulness
  • Contributes to security throughout your organisation
  • Promotes meaningful & informed cyber security discussions
  • Cancel text alerts service anytime

Taking timely action can be critical. Ahead of the mainstream news, some text alerts will contain breaking news updates about emerging threats. This could give you the crucial edge in avoiding the latest cyberattacks.

Remember: It only takes one person inadvertently clicking on a malicious link to put your organisation in great peril.

After Subscribing

Once subscribed you will receive a welcome message. You can stop receiving future messages at any point, simply text to 88440 the message STOP8.


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