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Password Hero Business Edition, passwords generator

Hi -- In this section, we give you access to a unique tool that helps solve the problem of setting effective passwords consistently - Password Hero.

It is specifically designed for the challenges faced by business owners, directors and senior management involved in day-to-day operations, as well to all other end-users who are required to set or reset passwords from time to time.

PASSWORD HERO Quick Start Guide

Pin or save the Password Hero page in your web browser, always giving you instant access to it.

Watch this video (2 mins 28 secs). Be sure to try out the Hacked Passwords checker which is incorporated into Password Hero. Use it to check your own passwords - most people are surprised by what they find!

One question for you – when you go to work in the mornings, do you leave your keys in the front door? …No need to answer as I already know what you’re going to say!

Like using keys, following best practices with the passwords you set, is one of the critical elements to protecting all of your, and your organisations online and offline assets. If your passwords are poor, you are all particularly vulnerable. It’s as if your keys are still in the front door!

Password Hero is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, and will go some way to helping you, and your organisation be more cyber-secure.

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