Password Hero – Business Edition

In by Roland Hedges

Expertise Level: Beginner to expert – no previous knowledge required
Password Hero Business Edition, passwords generatorThis product & course are designed for the particular challenges faced by: All business owners, directors and senior management involved in day-to-day operations and policy making decisions.

Estimated completion time: Quick start method – 3 minutes or less. Full course to certification level – typically under 30 minutes.

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What’s the big deal about poor password practices?


One question for you – when you go to work in the mornings, do you leave your keys in the front door? …Don’t bother answering because I already know what you’re going to say!

Like using keys, the passwords you set are one of the critical elements to protecting all of your, and your organisations, online assets. If your passwords are poor, you are all particularly vulnerable. It’s as if your keys are still in the front door!

Let us be honest now… Considering how important they are, are any of your passwords:

  • Short
  • Lacking in complexity
  • Made up of obvious words
  • Include dates or names
  • Repeated across logins
  • Already hacked

Fortunately, we have some very quick & simple training, along with great tools for making this really easy for you, at work and at home, plus live chat support when you need it.

Included in this package:


  • Unlimited access to the passwords generator
  • Video training for Password Hero operation
  • Company Passwords Policy document template
  • In-depth interactive passwords training video
  • Passwords knowledge challenge for certification
  • Live chat box (Mon-Fri) for advice and support

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