Training for all Admin & Customer Facing Staff

In by Roland Hedges

Expertise Level: Beginner to intermediate – no previous knowledge required

What can a cyber security breach do to your organisation?


  • Customer data stolen & exploited
  • Criminals stealing company money
  • Files encrypted by ransomware
  • Your organisations reputation ruined
  • Company digital assets stolen & sold
  • Files deleted by malicious attacks

As cyber crime evolves the only effective way to prevent most security breaches is by everyone following best-practices. These come from individual training and ongoing support.

This interactive e-learning course is designed for the particular challenges faced by:

All admin & customer facing front-line staff and workers who access any kind of IT for their organisation.

It helps them to:

Reduce the cyber security risks to themselves and their organisations.

Included in this course:


  • 9 interactive modules across 3 lessons.
  • Each module is 5 to 10 minutes long
  • All knowledge areas for cyber security at work.
  • Lessons completed at your own pace.
  • If interrupted, return to any module later.
  • Optional knowledge challenges for certification.
On completing this course you will be better able to:


  • Understand & use secure passwords
  • Avoid targeted scams before they strike
  • Avoid ransomware encryption & extortion
  • Recall correct data handling & destruction
  • Spot the psychological tricks criminals use
  • See & avoid being targeted socially
  • Enhance the physical security of your devices
  • Block data breaches on mobile devices
  • Maintain security outside the office
  • See how social info can be used against you
  • See how insider-threats can compromise you
  • Understand what malware is & does
  • Identify and not fall for malicious links
  • Surf the web avoiding malicious activity


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Course Content

Lessons Status

Day-To-Day Operational Best Practices For Better Security Topics: Passwords, security outside the office, mobile devices.


Protecting Customer Data & Company Assets Against Targeted Attacks Topics: Insider threats, Social Networking


Threats You’ll See Everyday & When To Report Them Topics: Ransomware, malicious links, malware, surfing the web.